Sunday, 5 February 2017

Saturday Sunshine

charity shop books to add to my reading pile

making fairy potions

my little cactus is flowering again!

Hello. It's Sunday morning here, I hope you're having a nice weekend.
We had sunshine and blue skies here yesterday, so Spring-like. We spent
a couple of hours outside after lunch - a rare treat in early February. I did
a bit of hand sewing, finishing another motif in my sampler. It was so good
to work in strong, clear natural light. I get by on grey days by sitting next
to the window and under a lamp in the evenings, but nothing beats good
old Mr. Sunlight. I hope we'll have more of him in the coming days and

The girls played while I sewed, their games peppered with squabbles as
per usual. Then they had the brilliant idea to make what they call 'fairy
potions'. Lulu had made it last Friday with her woodland club at school and
was keen to show her sister how this magical concoction is made.
So, basic ingredients: leaves, tiny sprigs of rosemary or whatever herbs
are available, an acorn if there's any, plus glitter. Empty snail shells are
 optional. Put them all in an empty jam jar, add water and a bit of mud
(muddy wellies are a good source), stir with a stick, put the lid on the jar and
ta-dah! the potion is made. It's like a muddy, weird slow globe when
you shake it. You can pour a bit of it in your garden and the fairies will
come visit your house at night. We haven't tried this yet but I've been
assured that it works.

I'll leave you with that for now. I hope we'll have sunshine again today.
We're planning to go for a walk somewhere nice this afternoon. Whatever you
have planned for today I hope you have a good day, too. Happy Sunday!


  1. Fairy potion - always good to have some at hand. Let me know if it works and I'll make some myself. I hope your Sunday was enjoyable. It passed quickly I thought, too quickly. x

  2. I love the idea of a fairy potion! I hope that it cures all ills and brings you lots more sunshine!!

  3. Love your bowl with the oranges and how nice that your cactus is starting to bloom!
    I like your crochet blanket too and I hope the fairy potion really works for your family if you're going to try it out :-)
    Have a nice week,

  4. We managed to get out in the sunshine over the weekend too with a nice walk in a lovely local park. It's come so cold though now and the temperature is set to drop even further over the course of the week. I love the idea of the fairy potion, I do hope it works.

  5. It was lovely to see some sunshine at the weekend, such a treat as it now appears to be getting cold again. The fairy potion sounds like an excellent idea to attract fairies to your home.

  6. Oh I love that idea, magical fairy potions, I do love it when the fairies come to visit and play xx

  7. sunlight makes such a difference after days of grey doesn't it? Your cross stitch is coming along really well. It's so nice to see something pretty and springy, I love lamby - he's very cute.

  8. Gorgeous pictures! Lovely crafting pictures as always :) I used to make fairy potion too! Enjoy all the sunshine you get :) xx

  9. I hope the fairies enjoy their visits to your garden! How a sweet idea.
    Lisa x

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