Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Little Scarf and A Duck

These were the Christmas presents I made for my girls.
I was going to write about them earlier but didn't get the chance to
in all the busyness around Christmastime. By the way, I hope you've all
had a lovely Christmas. Ours was spent at my parents in law
and we had a wonderful day.

Back to the girls' handmade gifts, this scarf was for my three year old.
She'd seen me make a poncho for her cousin and wanted one
 for herself initially. But then she changed her mind and asked
 for a scarf instead, and I was very happy to oblige.

This was the first time I've crocheted a granny stripe. I got the
idea from Attic 24's easy-to-follow Granny Stripe Blanket pattern.

Here's my big girl 'driving' an old tractor on Boxing Day.
She's delighted with her new scarf and have worn it many times already.
Even better, it matches a hat she's already got! Yey!

For her little sister I made this duck.
 It's funny but our little one has liked ducks even when she was a baby.
 One of the first words she's ever spoken was 'quack'.

She loves books with ducks, has rubber toy ducks for the bath and
has wooden pull-along ones. But as she didn't have a cuddly duck toy yet,
 I thought this was the perfect time to make her one and lucky 
that I have a pattern for the very thing!

It's actually from Soft Toys to Stitch and Stuff, an old book
I bought for a pound from a local antiques shop. And definitely a pound
well spent because my little girl loves her new duck. She plays with it
all the time and gives it cuddles and it's just wonderful.
I'm also lucky that at the moment I still don't have to make two 
of everything for the girls although I'm sure that's bound to change soon.

Before I go I'd like to wish everyone


Take care and see you in 2014!!!!


  1. Hi Marion,

    The scarf you made for your daughter is so pretty. I like the colours that you picked.

    Happy New Year!!! All the best in 2014

    Virna from Craftmates

  2. what lovely makes for your little girls - I'm still making for my 3 girls - it's lovely to have daughters x