Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Little Stitches

I've finished my cross stitched picture for Markie.
It's only little but we like cute and we think it's
lovely and perfect for her bedroom wall.

The motif is from Sweet Stitches from the Heart
and we both chose it. I think the girl looks a bit like her.
She says the girl has plaits and she likes that.

I used 18-count Aida with a three inch embroidery
hoop. It's the first time I've used 18-count Aida and
I've learned that the slightly tighter weave of the fabric
requires slower, more careful stitching. Nevertheless
it was still enjoyable to work on and we're happy with
the result. Here's the finished picture on her bedroom wall.

I'd love to do more cross stitch and embroidery.
 I've just joined Pinterest and I've created a board
 for my favourite cross stitch projects. I'd like to try
making those stitched pendants and brooches.
Hopefully one of these days I'd get the chance to.

Wishing you all a fun Bonfire Night!

By the way, thanks for all the lovely things you said
about our autumn tree. We're glad you like it too.


  1. It came out beautifully! I love the design. I think my daughter would like one for her room too.

  2. It's adorable. I looks perfect on her wall. x

  3. So pretty! It adds beautifully to the group of pictures and so on. I like the collection of M's and the cherry too! xx

  4. It looks so good hanging there with the others pictures :)

  5. I love it! I've never tried cross stitch before...I like embroidery as you can cover up any minor 'mistakes' as being part of the 'design' - well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!! It looks great with the other things of her wall :) x

  6. This is gorgeous...cute and quirky and looks great up on the wall.
    Marianne x

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