Saturday, 11 April 2015

Feeling Better

Waiting to see a doctor on Easter Monday

Hello. My apologies for not having been around much here this
past week. I wish I can say I've been too busy enjoying the glorious
weather and it's all been picnics, trips to the park and outdoor fun
 around here. Sadly, no. I've spent the last six days at home, most of it
 in bed, trying to recover from a nasty ear infection and its equally
nasty add-on, vertigo. The girls have also been unwell with fever
and coughs.

It's been very frustrating and so disappointing. And I feel sorry for
 Markie that the first half of her school break had been really rubbish.
At least she's well again, back to her usual bubbly, fun self, and that
makes me glad. I'm also much better now. Yesterday was my first
really good day. I looked after the girls by myself, something I have
not been able to do in days. I even managed to do a little crochet
in the afternoon sunshine. That felt really good.

 Lulu is not fully on the mend yet but she's happy and playing so we're
 keeping our fingers crossed for her. Hopefully by Monday we'll all be back to perfect health again and we can enjoy the week ahead.
 We'll be spending a few days by the seaside so fingers, toes and legs
crossed, we'll have the fun, illness-free week we've all been longing for.

I hope the rest of you have fared better this week and have enjoyed
the warm, beautiful sunshine. May this wonderful weather continue
for us all this weekend and next week too. See you soon!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you and the girls have been so sick. How awful. I hope you're feeling better every day and can enjoy the spring weather more now. Take care.

  2. So glad you're on the mend! Thank you for the lovely post! What yarn are you using for the crochet?? It looks beautiful x

  3. I am glad you are on the mend and hope that Lulu follows suit soon, too. I am keeping my fingers crossed for splendid weather when you are at the seaside, you deserve the bestest of weather to make up for days missed.

  4. You poor thing, I hope you and the girls continue to feel much better soon. I hope you all have a lovely relaxing, healthy, and sunny few days at the seaside :) x

  5. I'm glad you and the girls are on the mend, Marion, it's rotten being poorly at any time, especially when it's school holidays and the weather is good. I hope you have a lovely time at the seaside. BTW I love the Rob Ryan paper cut print xx

  6. Nightmare to be sick with sick children :( My husband has had a viral thing which landed up as labyrinthitus (is that the same thing as vertigo or different ? similar I'm sure). He was off work a week and slept most of it.
    Glad you are feeling better, hope you are back to full health soon :)

  7. Oh I'm sorry to hear you have all been unwell Marion - hope you are all fully recovered very soon. Take care
    Caz xx

  8. Glad you're doing better - David and I both had ear infections, too, thought he had a double plus sinus infection, poor guy! I hope your time at the Seaside has been enjoyable and I look forward to reading about it! Hopefully it's been the perfect get-well-and-be-refreshed trip!