Sunday, 5 April 2015


Happy Easter to you all! I hope you're all enjoying this Easter weekend.

My husband and the girls have been to church this morning and now
they're off to spend the day at Nanny and GrandDad's. I'm staying at
home with an ear infection and it's annoying me that I'm missing out
on all the Easter fun - and food - today. Poor me. I think I'm going to have a cup of tea soon and help myself to the girls' mini-eggs. I bet
 that will make me feel a bit better.

The rest of our week has been better, thankfully. The girls and I have
decorated an Easter tree, our first ever. I haven't done much Easter
decorating before. When the girls were younger I just didn't have
the time or the energy. Now that they're a bit older and they like
to get involved, I decided I should make time for it.

We used whatever Easter-y things we could find around the house.
The cute wooden bunnies and flower pegs were from last year's sales.
Good thing I remembered them and where I've stashed them away. Markie helped make the little flags. She loves washi tapes too.
We were going to make pom-pom chicks but I decided our pom-pom makers were too big so we just made simple pom-poms instead.
 Lulu helped me with these. She said they look like sea monsters.
Do they? My husband agrees with her.

Markie decorated a hard-boiled egg (with a little help from me) for the school's Easter egg decorating contest. They chose a winner for every
class. Markie's egg didn't win. She wasn't too bothered by it though
which is good. I think she did a great job with drawing the face and
decorating the dress.  She's still very much into drawing flowers and
butterflies right now. It used to be rainbows and princesses.

I walked down to church on Good Friday.  My square of fabric and
everyone else's had been sewn into a long patchwork panel to make up
the Garment of Suffering and at one point during the service it was brought to the altar. Anyone who has been bereaved over the past
year was invited to help bring it to the front. It was very moving.
I felt grateful to be there. Later on I felt so tired from walking home
but it was Good Friday and a little suffering  wasn't something to
complain about. I also realized I'm quite unfit. I haven't done quite
enough walking up and down the hills of Sheffield lately. I used to
do this a lot, while pushing a buggy too. I blame driving, though
I don't blame Lulu for not wanting to be in a pushchair anymore.

Sorry, I think I've gone on enough now. I hope you're all having
a great Easter day. I think I'll go and have that tea now.
See you soon!


  1. I hope you feel better soon Marion. Ear infections are so so painful. Your decorations are pretty, well done. Whenever I see other people's decorations I think I should have made more effort... I hope you'll have a chance to photograph the Garment of Suffering, I am interested to see how it has turned out. Such a thoughtful idea. x

  2. Happy Easter Marion to You and your Family. Thank you for sharing you
    Easter decorations, I hope the ear infection clears up quickly.


  3. Happy Easter to you and your family. I'm sorry to hear about the ear infection, I hope it gets better quickly. I love Markie's egg, especially the mouth! xx

  4. very happy Easter to you Marion :-)
    The photos are beautiful! So Spring-like and bright!

    Hope you are feeling better now! x

  5. Happy Easter, Marion. I love your Easter tree, well done to all of you - and I do think the pom-poms look like sea anemones! x

  6. I hope you're feeling much better now. Lovely easter pics - I love the bunnies! Markie's egg is great :) x

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