Sunday, 13 September 2015

Honeycomb Lace Shawl (part two)

Hello. I hope you're all having a great weekend. I'm back here
 today with another finished project to show you: my second
Honeycomb Lace Shawl. I made my first one  back in spring and
I loved it so much I decided to make another one. But this is not for
me though. It's for a lovely lady who's been very kind to our family
and we'd like to give this to her to say thanks.

 I worked on this throughout the summer holidays, finishing the last
rows this week. I really hope she'll like it. I've made it extra special
 by using Drops Cotton Merino wool. It's the softest yarn and the
 nicest to work with and I've really enjoyed crocheting with it. I've also
 made this shawl much wider than mine with 264 foundation chains instead of the original 222. Hopefully it will be lovely to wrap round
the shoulders and it will feel nice and warm for her to wear on
very cold days. The pattern is from issue 65 of Inside Crochet and
 I used five and a half of 50gram balls of yarn for the whole project.

I'll be back soon with our latest baking (mis)adventures, and
maybe even with another finished crochet project - I'm hooking
a rug!  Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. What a lovely gift for a helpful friend. You are very thoughtful. I love Drops Merino, it is so so soft. I would like to make a blanket using this yarn. Have a lovely Sunday. x

  2. What a thoughtful gift, I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated. The colour is lovely, very gentle x

  3. Lovely! What a wonderful gift, I am sure she will love it!

  4. Such beautiful detail...I'm sure the recipient will love it :) xx

  5. It's beautiful! It looks so cosy and warm, perfect for Autumn :) And the colour will go with everything! xx

  6. How lovely, such a nice gift, she will treasure it I'm sure.

  7. It's so beautiful. A perfect, thoughtful gift.
    Marianne x

  8. That's really, really beautiful. I love the muted colour you chose. I used to think I didn't like shawls, until I made one and I wear it constantly. x

  9. What a beautiful shawl, I'm sure the lovely lady will be thrilled with it! xx

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