Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Not just yet

Here we are on the last day of the summer holidays. I couldn't
quite believe that the entire six weeks of the holidays have gone
already and tomorrow Markie will be back at school and it wil be the
start of a new school year. On Monday Lulu will start nursery, an
entirely new experience both for her and for me. There are so many changes and so many things to learn and adjust to again. I don't
 feel I'm ready to face them yet. The girls are excited but I'd quite
 happily have a few more weeks of these quiet, easy days at home
 that I've enjoyed so much these past six weeks. And if summer
can stay around for a bit longer, I'd take that as well. I'm no fan of
 busy days and colder months as you can probably tell. But ready
or not, school will start and Autumn will come *sigh* I just need
to get my head round it all and I'm sure that will come soon.
For now, I'll try and enjoy this last day for as long as I can. I had
a lie-in this morning and then after a late breakfast, took the girls
to our favourite tea room and then the playground. This afternoon
we're at home just taking it easy. The girls are watching Despicable
Me. I might read a bit or crochet.

I've been thinking of how good this summer has been. It's
 probably part of the reason why I'm reluctant to let it go just yet.
 Plus, of course, there's Lulu, our baby, going off to nursery.
 I know it's only for two days a week but it will still be quite a change
 for both of us.  She'll love it, I'm sure, and I'll finally have time
 on my own to spend as I please. As a lovely old lady said on the
 bus today 'The world will be your oyster'. And it will be,
 between 9 and 3 on Mondays and Fridays. It's actually all going
to be good. It doesn't feel quite that way at the moment but
I'm sure it will be. And we might still have an Indian Summer,
after all. That's a nice thing to hope for- I'll be keeping my
 fingers crossed.


  1. It's gone quickly, hasn't it? It's great not to have to rush about in the mornings during the holidays. Back to getting up early. Boo!
    I hope Lulu enjoys nursery, I'm sure she'll have lots of fun once she gets used to it. xx

  2. It sounds like a wonderful summer! So glad you enjoyed it so much. I hope that all goes well for Markie and Lulu, I am sure that they will both enjoy themselves a lot. I hope that you enjoy the time too to start doing new things or returning to fun old things! xx

  3. I, too, miss the lazy-lovely-unstructured days of our summer holidays.... life changes are always a little intimidating but I find that it takes very little time to adjust. Lulu will love nursery, I am sure she will. You will enjoy the you-time once you have gotten used to your 'baby' being a big girl and once you see her enjoy her new nursery routine. I promise you will. xx

  4. I totally understand your reluctance to let go of the long leisurely summer days Marion. Like you, I just love having my children by me, and miss them dreadfully when they return to school (and mine are 15 and 13!) But then I remind myself that they are coming home again, in really just a few hours, and I get busy. I also remind myself he fortunate I am to have two happy, healthy boys who can cope with life and are becoming independent. Parenthood is all about change and adaptation. When we hold those beautiful babies in our arms for the first time we think they will be babies for ever (and in many ways they will always be our babies) but they do grow and change from day one. Good luck with it all. I am sure within a few weeks you will be enjoying the time at home by yourself to get on with things X

  5. I know just how you feel. It is hard, letting them go, even if it's just to nursery for a few hours. For the last five (ish?) years, your whole life has revolved around these little people and it's so strange and bittersweet when they move forwards into a new phase. I know, I was there. Mine are 6 and 8 now and I just can't believe how the time flies. Just drink up each day. And enjoy those child free hours while Lulu is at nursery, you have earned them. xx

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