Saturday, 12 March 2016

Making + Made

Hello. How was your week? Very good, I hope. I want to say
a big thank you for all your lovely and encouraging words about our
pop up restaurant in my last post. We really appreciate them. Thanks
also for your well wishes for Lulu. She still has a niggling ear infection 
but she's got oral antibiotics for that and she's generally well again,
 back to her usual chatty, chirpy self which is fantastic. She's at
gymnastics with Markie this morning so I have a couple of hours
to put my feet up, have a cup of tea, do some blog writing and reading.

I thought for my post today I'll share with you what I've been making
and have made over the last two months. It's not much, actually.
There's my crochet blanket which I've been working on throughout
the winter and which I'm quite determined to finish by Springtime.

I decided after Christmas that I'll try and concentrate on this before
starting other similarly big projects so most evenings I usually have
this on my lap, adding row after row while we watch television. And
the good news is I'm now less than ten rows away from the finish line
- yay! Hopefully I'll have this all finished and ready to share with you 
in a few weeks' time. I can't wait. I'd like to get back to my other
WIP, my flower cushion cover, and make this Orla Kiely tea towel 
into a cushion cover. 

I've just remembered that I also need to start on my Lenten stitches,
my square of fabric that I'll give to church to make the 'Fabric of 
Suffering' for Holy Week. I'll probably start this sooner than later -
Holy Week is only a week and bit away!

For things I've made, there's not much, and again, it's because of
my crochet blanket. I did dust down my sewing machine to make
these cushion covers for mother-in-law.

She asked me to make her these for Mother's Day and I was happy
to oblige. It was actually nice to do some sewing again after months
of crochet, and it has inspired me to turn that tea towel into a lovely
 new cushion - soon!

Back in February, Lulu had a Superheroes Day in nursery and all the
children had to wear a super hero costume. I didn't really want to
buy anything new so it was lucky that a friend sent the girls a couple
of Super Girl capes and we found a mask to match. 

I appliqued her name to an old t-shirt to complete the outfit
and that was her costume made.

Markie's project for last term was to make a Nature Log and 
I helped her make a little scrapbook to write down the things
she's observed while out on our walks and also to keep various
bits and pieces she's picked up like leaves, sticks, etc.

I got this idea somewhere online to make a book out of paper bags
so we can insert dried leaves and things she's collected and she
can write something about it on the 'pages'. She did all the writing,
stamping and drawing, I helped bind the bags together with hole
punches and pieces of string. It came out really good actually, 
I'm thinking of making them for the girls for the summer holidays.

So that's my little round up of making and crafting. I was hoping
to join Jennifer's Winter Project Link Party but I think I'm too late
for that now. Hopefully next month.

Time to pick up the girls. Thanks again for your comments
from last time. Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!


  1. Your blanket is looking wonderful. I can't wait to see the finished product. I love the super hero costume. It is so nice when you can use what you already have to make a great outfit. The nature log is such a fun idea. I know the girls would enjoy having similar ones for the summer. All of your projects are so lovely. Have a nice weekend, Lisa

  2. That costume is amazing, I just love it! The paper bag nook idea is marvelous, too! You are very busy, but it all looks like fun things to be busy with!

  3. That costume is amazing, I just love it! The paper bag nook idea is marvelous, too! You are very busy, but it all looks like fun things to be busy with!

  4. great collection of projects there, i love the nature book idea, very clever. Your crochet blanket is gorgeous, love the colours, Happy hooking!

  5. A wonderful collection of things you have made and are making. I love your daughters superhero costume its looks great! A paper bag scrapbook now that is an inspired idea, love it! Hope you get that blanket finished soon, it's looking great.

  6. Busy, busy you!
    So many wonderful makes.
    Your blanket colours are so lovely, I can just imagine snuggling under that.
    The idea for making a book from bags is just genius and what a wonderful job your daughter did.
    Amazing costume as well great super hero pose!
    Lisa x

  7. Markie's nature book is just perfect, I love the use of bags so she can store lots of nature finds in it. Your blanket is coming on a treat and will be fantastic when finished. And how lovely to be asked to make cushion covers by your mother in law. Glad to hear your pop up restaurant was a big hit again - I can imagine it is hard work but worth all the effort!
    Caz xx

  8. I'm absolutely loving your blanket! Such gorgeous colours. The costume you've made for your wee girl is fantastic and she looks so cute and happy wearing it.
    Marianne x

  9. Lovely makes! When my boys were young, Imused tomgive them a paper bag, one of those little carriers with string handles, and draw a stick, a leaf, a daisy, a small pebble , a feather etc on the outside of the bag, and theynwould put these things in their bags if/when we found them. It was fun and made their walk more interesting. I used to draw shopping lists for them too, with apples, bananas etc. love those memories X

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