Monday, 7 March 2016

Snow, Spring and Mothering Sunday

Hello. How are you? It's a beautiful Monday afternoon here, bright and
clear but very cold. Spring was very much in the air and on the ground
at the beginning of last week but it had felt so much more wintry
over the weekend. It even snowed on Friday. It came down thick and
fast and lasted for a few hours but thankfully, it didn't settle and was
gone by late afternoon. We only had mild frost this morning but the hills over in Derbyshire, the ones that we can see from our front windows,
 are still covered in snow. I'm still optimistic about Springtime though
- it is coming, it's on its way. It's just taking its sweet time getting here.

We had a busy weekend. We had our fourth pop up restaurant last Saturday, but at a different venue from our usual. My husband and
 his team of two had a smaller kitchen to work in, we had to set up the place ourselves and provide the cutlery, tableware, etc. We managed it
all somehow and the evening actually went really well. We're so delighted and we made a good profit too which is very important.  As always,
 we're exhausted afterwards. Mothering Sunday yesterday was a quiet,
 let's-not-do-much sort of day as a result but it was lovely and happy. Lulu made a beautiful necklace for me at nursery and I got a handmade
 card from Markie. In the afternoon we had a little Mother's Day party complete with cupcakes and balloons. It was all the girls' idea and
 they enjoyed it all as much as I did which, for me, made the day
 even more special and wonderful.

Today I have Lulu with me at home. She's a bit poorly and not really
up to going to nursery this morning so we've been taking it easy-
Cbeebies, lunch on the sofa, lots of cuddles. She seems to be better
this afternoon, so fingers crossed she's now on the mend.

I hope your Monday is going well. I have a lot of blog reading to do -
hope to catch up with you all soon. Take care and have a good week!


  1. Hi Marion, it sounds like you're all doing well. I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day. I'm very happy to hear about your continued success with the pop-up restaurants, that's such exciting news. I hope Lulu feels better soon. Take care and have a good week.

  2. I have so much admiration for you and your husband , catering is such hard work and especially in different venues. Glad to hear you had a nice relaxing Mothers' Day. Hope Lulu feels much better soon. Cbeebies and cuddles sounds veey comforting X

  3. I hope that Lulu is on the mend now, I am sure that love from her Mum will have helped! Glad you had a good weekend and that the restaurant went so well!! How fantastic is that!!! You should be very proud as I am sure that it is a massive amount of work. Congratulations! xx

  4. Lovely weekend! I do hope Lulu is better, I have two poorly feeling children upstairs. So glad your pop up restaurants are doing well! Our oldest is opening a new restaurant soon (not his own, but as cook), we are very excited for it to open! Hope your week is good, and that you are rested!

  5. I hope Lulu feels better again soon. The Mothers Day tea party sounds lovely. I'm so pleased to hear about your pop up restaurant success. I know first hand what hard work it can be - you should be very proud of yourselves :-) xx

  6. Fantastic news about your pop up restaurant! I hope Lulu is better today, I also wish you all a good week. x

  7. Glad to hear the pop ups are still going well and it's enjoyable too.
    Hope your little one is feeling better. Sofa and cuddles work wonders!
    Love your necklace and the hints of spring sunshine.
    Lisa x

  8. Your pop up restaurant sounds like it is doing really well despite it being hard work. I am so happy for you that it is working out so well. I love the sound of your Mother's Day celebrations!

    I do hope Lulu is feeling a little better now, have a lovely week.

  9. Hello Marion, your pop up restaurant sounds amazing. I'm so happy it's going so well for you. I love your Mother's Day necklace, very pretty! There's nothing like the sweet treasures our children give us. Have a lovely week and I hope Lulu is on the mend. Lisa

  10. The pop up restaurant sounds so exciting! I'm so glad it's going well. Your Mother's Day sounds perfect as well. Hope your wee one is feeling better soon.
    Marianne x

  11. Wow you have been busy. The restaurant sounds exciting! Hope Lulu is feeling better. Couch days and cuddles are the best medicine.

  12. I love your Mother's Day necklace, very pretty! There's nothing like the sweet treasures our children give us.