Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Winter Woollies

Hello and a lovely Tuesday to you. It's very cold here today. It was -2.5 C when
we were driving to school and even now at midday with clear skies and full
sunshine there is still frost on the ground. I think it's the coldest weather we've had
for this November - just the day for wearing my newly made winter wollies:
my Mollies Makes scarf and matching hat. I had them on earlier when I went for
my morning walk and I was comfortably cosy the whole time.

The pattern is in the magazine's November issue (number 72). I used the recommended
yarn for both hat and scarf which is Stylecraft Special Chunky. They are worked in
suzette stitch (1dc,1tr in each alternating stitch) to create this thick, lovely texture
which was what first drew me to this project. I really like this stitch;
I think it will make a gorgeous, plush, snuggly blanket.

I've made some changes, though, to both patterns. As you can see, the original
scarf tapers off on the last few rows with a different coloured yarn and there are
big pom poms on either ends. I decided to skip those rows and continue with
the same colour yarn and finished off with a row of suzette stitches and double
crochets in fuchsia. I think that's a bit more my style, a little more subtle, and
I'm pretty happy with that.

I decided to have a go at making the hat, too. I've never crocheted one before
but the pattern looked straightforward enough and actually it was. It's worked
in double strands of yarn so it's much chunkier and made up really quickly.
I finished it in one evening and was really chuffed that it fits!

Again, I changed the yarn colour and finished the edge with a round of double
crochets but I didn't skip the pom pom this time. It makes the hat, don't you think?
 I certainly couldn't leave it out. 

I am not fond of the winter season but I'll be a little bit more toasty and a little
less cold in the coming days and weeks, thanks to these chunky scarf and hat.
What I need now are mittens and wrist warmers to match. I have a lot of leftover
yarn for those but they will have to wait. I have to get cracking with our festive
preparations. We've already made our Christmas cards and the girls' advent
calendar is nearly ready. I'll share them here next time.

Have a great week. See you soon!


  1. They do look very cosy and I love the grey contrasting with the fuchsia. You sound very organised, your girls must be getting quite excited xx

  2. Beautiful, they'll keep you warm. x

  3. Lovely to look at, lovely to make and lovely to wear I am sure!

  4. What a lovely hat and scarf. I really like the changes you've made to the pattern, your version looks much more stylish than the original and I like how you made the pom pom out of the fuchsia to coordinate. The stitch is really attractive, I haven't come across suzette stitch before. The set is just what you need for these frosty mornings that we're getting at the moment, I'm sure you'll be warm and cosy.

  5. Your hat and scarf are perfect. The contrasting colors are just the right touch. I have never made a hat. After seeing yours I might have to trying making one. I can't wait to see your advent calendar.

  6. What great makes. Beautiful colours, the little pink contrast is perfect. You are right, the pom pom just 'makes' the hat. Lovely x

  7. Nice to see you back!! I love the hat and scarf, the hot pink with the grey is so lovely :) You should definitely make a blanket!! x

  8. I had a search through the link, but believe it or not I am really unsure of what would work for us.