Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Long Weekend


Belated Happy Easter!
I hope you've all enjoyed the weekend and had a wonderful
 time with your friends and family. My husband was off work
for four days from Good Friday and we started off our long
weekend with a picnic in Castleton in Derbyshire. This
is one of our favourite picnic spots in the world.

We came here for the first time a couple of years ago and
we loved it. It is such a beautiful place. It is near the centre
 of Castleton but probably because of the stony path and
because it's a bit secluded it is less busy compared to other
 parts of the village and so it's nice and quiet which we like.
It was a beautiful, enjoyable morning, a great day to be outdoors.
I went to church in the afternoon feeling tired but very happy.

These are cupcakes Markie and I made during the week.
Because it was for Easter we added the mini eggs on top which
was great fun to do. And they were delicious, very chocolatey
as expected, which we love. I think we'll be making these again
very soon.

I had to rush a bit to finish these pocket dolls I was making for the girls.
I finished them very late on Saturday evening and I think they really
 believed me when I told them the next day the Easter Bunny came
round and helped me with their dolls.

They certainly believed he came round to our house and
left these paper eggs filled with chocolates.

And he also left chocolate eggs for them to find in
Nanny and GrandDad's garden. It was fun!

And he brought other treats too.

Even Mummy got a little nest full of yummy eggs!
We're certainly looking forward to the Easter Bunny
coming again next Spring.

 I hope next year I'll have time to make Easter decorations,
 and maybe an Easter tree. I'll definitely try to finish
 whatever presents I'll be making for the girls days--
and not hours--before Easter Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!


  1. Oh, my goodness - that last minute sewing! I remember one Easter, when my oldest daughter (now 19) was 2. I was up all night making up an Easter dress, got my two kids dressed up and ready for church, when it suddenly hit me that it was daylight savings time, and therefore, an hour later than I believed it to be! I was gutted. This year I bought my two younger girls a dress, haha! Your girls had an adorable Easter - those dolls turned out beautifully!!

  2. Lovely easter treats for all! Im glad you all had a lovely Easter weekend!

  3. Looks like Easter was lovely and sunny for you! And the dolls are just fab! xx

  4. What a lovely Easter at your house! Love those cakes and Easter surprises for your girls and you! And so glad you finished rhe pocket dolls, lucky Markie and Lulu to have such a creative Mummy. Castleton looks an idyllic place to walk, especially in the Springtime.

  5. I love the dolls in your new header Marion - so sweet! What a lovely Easter you had, and great weather too. x

  6. I too love the dolls, so cute. How often do we end up almost running out of time to finish projects? Glad you had a lovely Easter
    Caz xx -

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