Sunday, 6 April 2014

Parcel Joys

Just after the New Year I wrote about the lovely presents
my friend Virna from Craftmates sent me (you can read all about
 it here. ) And I'm delighted to say that I've recently received another
parcel from her and as always it's filled with the prettiest and
sweetest things. Would you like to have a look?

Lots of lovely fabric...

.....crafty goodies..

...and vintage treats.

I have to say that's the cutest handmade needle case I've ever seen.
An aboslute treat to use. I've already turned one of the fabrics into
a cushion cover but I'll wait for as long as I can to use those masking
tapes and buttons. They're just too pretty!

The girls got their own presents too, the lucky things. Virna sent
them a separate parcel with these inside:
And they adore their presents just like I do mine.
Virna has really spoiled us with these generous and
 GORGEOUS GIFTS! Thank you, our lovely friend!

Thank you to you too for stopping by. I hope you've had some
parcel joys too lately. Have a fun week ahead!


  1. wow, what lovely gifts - you have a very thoughtful friend!
    Caz x

  2. Lovely things! Lucky girls ,too. And what pretty packaging also.

  3. Oh Marion, I'm so happy that you and the girls liked the things I sent you. You are such a sweet person and I just wish we lived closer together instead of oceans apart. Thanks also for all the lovely things you sent me and my fellow craftmates. We really appreciate it!

    Enjoy and have a great Easter!!!


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