Saturday, 28 June 2014


How are you all? Apologies for not being around 
this past week. I wanted to keep up with everyone's posts
 while we were away but the holiday house we stayed in 
didn't have internet access and when I tried using my phone
I couldn't for the life of me remember my Blogger password.
So I've had to wait til we're home to get back here and it is
lovely not only to be in our own house again but also to be here. 
I've missed you all and I'm looking forward to catching up
with everyone's blogs this weekend.

Today, our first day back, we've been taking it easy. It looks
like we haven't managed to bring the sunshine and warm weather
back with us but never mind, it's still much nicer to be home.
Before I go I'd like to show these cards I made last week. I was
able to fit in a bit of making time in between packing and getting
things ready for our week away and made these three. It was
half an hour's fun with washi tapes, buttons and alphabet stamps.
Next time I'm back I'll share with you a finished crochet project.
Til then, take care and have a lovely weekend!!!

Back soon!


  1. Just last night I was thinking, "Has it been a week yet?" Did you have a good time? Our weather is very wet and windy, almost a touch of that fall feeling to the air. I do enjoy it, but am hoping we still have plenty of sunny weather the next couple months! My sister and her family have been in London this week, I'm dying to hear about their adventures! They still have several more days. I am looking forward to seeing your crochet - I'm finally a most ready to post a project, too!

    1. Yes, we had a great time, thanks. Hopefully I'll be able to write a post (or two) about it soon. I'm looking forward to your crochet post too. And yes, your sister and her family had been lucky with the weather. I bet they're having an amazing time in London. x

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  3. Sweet cards! Hope you had a wonderful time and now love the Isle of Wight as a beautiful timeless place for holidays! Look forward to hearing about your time there.