Monday, 30 June 2014

Crocheted Cushion Cover

As promised, I'm back with a finished crocheted project.
I started making this cushion cover around March this year and
 finally finished it a few weeks ago. I don't think it would have taken that
long to make if I hadn't been distracted by other projects. I just dipped
in and out, adding a round or two whenever I can. Eventually I had two
squares that were just the right size, joined them together and
it was done! And now we have a new handmade cushion on our sofa.

I used Drops Cotton Light yarn and I'm very happy with the colours
 I've chosen. They've been wonderful to work with but I'm a bit
disappointed that the squares came out a bit wonky. It's really
 noticeable at the back.

I've blocked both sides but it didn't make much difference and I've
realized this wouldn't have been an issue if I'd maintained the same
tension throughout. I'd definitely keep this in mind the next time I
 do any crochet.

I joined both sides with double crochets and these button loops
were made with chains. We can be quite messy around here and
it's good to be able to take the cover off and wash it if we need to.

Here are my girls with Mummy's new cushion. They like it very
much and despite the wonkiness I have to say I like it very much too!

That's all from me for now. I hope you're all keeping well.
Thank you as always for stopping by. Have a great week!


  1. This cushion cover is SO ADORABLE! I love it! And it's the perfect rainbow for a little girl :-)

  2. Lovely cushion! So bright and cheerful! X

  3. It's gorgeous and doesn't look at all wonky to me! I love the bright colours. Your girls are so cute!
    Marianne x

  4. Ah, how cute are your girls?! I love the colours of your cushion, so bright and jewel-like. My granny squares always have a slightly wonky slant to them. I've heard that if you swap sides at each colour change (so that there is no longer a right or wrong side to the work) then that helps, as you are never pulling in the same direction. x

  5. I don't see the wonks either! Lively vibrant colours, and great to have two different sides to chop and change.

  6. Your cushion is lovely - the colours are so bright. And your daughters are adorable!
    Caz xx

  7. Lovely! A bit of wonkiness here and there adds to its homemade charm!

  8. Love the cushion you pretty, just like your girls. Hello to Markie and Lulu!