Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lovely Happy Things

The girls and I made chocolate tiffin for the first time last
weekend. They had so much fun bashing the rich tea biscuits
to smithereens, even I enjoyed it too.

This super easy, no bake treat is so yummy we just have to make
them again for their party this weekend. Hurray!


I received a parcel in the post last week and was so excited
when I found these magazines inside.

A friend of mine has sent them for my birthday and I'm so thrilled.
 They're packed full of sweet and beautiful makes, they'll be a wonderful
 source of crafty ideas and inspiration for many, many years.


I found Lulu happily drawing and colouring the other day and
was quite surprised to see how she's turned an old freezer tray
into a little crayon holder.

It made me laugh but I was also very impressed. I think
she'll be giving me tips on recycling and repurposing soon
and I wouldn't mind it at all!


I love this storage jar that my mother-in-law got for me from the YSP 
shop. It's from the French design company Atomic Soda.

I think it's gorgeous and I'm just happy to have something like this.
(The bowls and mugs are equally fantastic--you can have a look here.)
And yes, my mother-in-law is lovely. I'm so lucky!


It's the girls' birthdays this weekend and on Sunday we'll
have a party. I've gathered all the party things that we already have
and we'll be reusing many of them. I made this mini bunting last year.
I've added the stripey straws to make it look nicer and now that's
Lulu's cake topper sorted.

We'll be using these paper buntings too. They're made with
patterned paper that were craft magazine freebies. All we need
to do now is to string them together and hang them. Easy peasy.

We just hope the weather will play nice this weekend. Tomorrow
we're off to the zoo. Can't wait!

Have a lovely weekend too!
See you soon!


  1. I really love that jar. I need to go to the YSP again soon, so I can browse around the shop if nothing else! The tiffin looks absolutely delicious and I hope your girls have a wonderful time this weekend. x

  2. Hi Marion, I'm fairly new to your blog and love your mix of crafts and other things! Love the jar and the papercrafts, the mags, oh, and the tiffin, of course ; ) What's your recipe? (Or, like me, do you just throw in whatever you have). Hope you're enjoying the warm weather - about time! Jen

    1. Hi Jen! Welcome yo my little blog and thank you for the lovely comment. I used a tiffin recipe I found online (110g buttet, 4tbsp golden syrup, 6tbsp cocoa, 2tbsp sugat, 225g rich tea biscuits and 225g cooking chocolate, raisins) but will try adding dried fruit like cranberries next time....Have a great weekend! Marion

  3. Hope the birthday party goes well. I LOVE tiffin - it's sooooo moreish, but the boys aren't that keen & much prefer brownies instead, so I don't make it very often. Love your tiny cake bunting - so cute!

    Enjoy the zoo!

  4. Everything is so lovely! We haven't made tiffin yet, though I keep thinking the kids would enjoy making it! Using the straws on your mini bunting is brilliant, so adorable!

  5. Hope your girls had lovely birthdays, very clever of you to synchronise their births! Thanks for sharing all these lovely pics!