Monday, 7 July 2014

Lovely Happy Things

I like carnations, especially pink ones, and I have loved
having this pretty bunch on our mantle for the past week.

I also like this little posy with sprigs of lavender and rosemary
from our garden and a few carnations. I think the tin looks sweet too.


We got these lovelies in the sale when we were in town last week.

The CK plimsolls turned out to be too small for Markie so we've had
 to return them. But we found even better ones and Lulu got a new pair
 too (Clarks, pink, with sparkly lights) for just £7! I always love a
 bargain and these finds certainly made me happy.


These notebooks are three of my (not so many) happy holiday purchases.

I really like them. They're great for jotting down thoughts,
ideas and inspirations for future craft projects and they look
lovely too.


We love homemade fruit sorbets and strawberry sorbet
made by my husband is currently our favourite.

It is tasty and refreshing--a sweet summery treat!


This year's Tour de France started off here in Yorkshire.
We saw the cyclists race past in the village of Midhopestone
just outside of Sheffield. It was a thrilling and amazing sight.

The crowd was amazing too. Everyone was excited and there
was a festival like atmosphere. I'm actually not a cycling fan
(I can't even ride a bike!) but I'm so glad I was there when this
great bike race came to Yorkshire.


I had a short but very sweet trip to London last Wednesday.
An old friend came over from Germany with her family for a week's 
holiday in the capital and it was so wonderful to see them all 
even for just a few hours.

I'm so grateful to my husband for making this possible. He had the
day off work and was happy to look after the girls. We also used his 
train ticket voucher otherwise the fare would have been SO expensive.
And when I came home he had dinner all ready. He's so wonderful!


Lulu and I stopped by the playground after dropping Markie off at
nursery this morning. She had a lot of fun running around, climbing
and going on the swings--and she did it all wearing her wellies
and a party hat! What a funny girl!

When we got home we sat outside and had some snacks.
It was a really lovely, sunshiny Monday morning and I hope
the rest of the week stays like this.

Hope you're having a lovely Monday too. See you soon!


  1. Oh that sorbet and the flowers in the tin...lovely! What happy memories you are making. Sarah xo

  2. How lovely to see your friend. And, what a blessing good husbands are! That strawberry sorbet looks wonderfully yummy. None of the strawberries we've bought have lasted long enough to be made into anything, Amelia devours them! I'm so happy to finally have another berry eater in the family. By the way, how did the birthday party go?

  3. You have been busy! We had the Tour de France here in London, but I was at school all day, so didn't see them, love your photo, as it really captures the moment. I have those CK plimsolls too, and wore them today! Love carnations for their darkly spicy smell, and the fact they last for ages. Glad you had a lovely day in our fair city. Sweet notebook, even sweeter pencils and the strawberry sorbet looks delish!

  4. Lovely to catch up with you here Marion and I enjoyed this lovely, happy post! I love the look of that strawberry sorbet it looks so good and so glad you had a great time in London, what a thoughtful husband you have. I loved the photo of your wee one in her wellies and party hat! I love it when kids do that, my wee girl ( she's 7) still very much enjoys dressing up and wearing odd combinations of clothes and just last week we went to the supermarket with her dressed up as Hermione from Harry Potter for no reason whatsoever, other than she just felt like it! Happy times!
    Hope you have a great week.
    Marianne x

  5. Such a lovely week you've had. BigR loves dressing up...she has always had very definite ideas about her clothes! And of course her jewellery (plastic) "Mummy I must wear my jewellery to go out in". the latest 'thing' is having an Elsa (from Frozen) plait! The flowers are gorgeous in the jug and the tin!

  6. What a lovely summer you're having! Just catching up on your blog as I have not visited in a while. Lulu is sooo cute!!! Enjoy the rest of your summer.


  7. Gosh, you have been busy! Love the flowers in the golden syrup tin and the notebooks. It must have been great watching the Tour de France - we stayed in a cottage in Midhopestones earlier this year, it is a lovely area
    Caz xx