Friday, 18 July 2014

Happy Finds

It's been awhile since I've posted about my charity shop finds and
I've got quite a few that I'd like to show you here plus happy finds
from various other places.

These first three items were from a funny little shop in Castleton,
Derbyshire. It doesn't look much from the outside but it's a real
treasure trove inside, full of weird and wonderful, fun and interesting
things, mostly old and used. It's the sort of place that I love and oh,
I wanted so many things. But I was limited by time and money
(they only accept cash and I only had about ten pounds with me)
so I only got these three plus an old spice rack that's now a wall shelf
 in the girls' room. I'd definitely go back there the next time
we're in the area.

I like finding craft supplies like these rubber stamps from a car boot
sale last spring. The girls sometimes like to 'do stamping' and these
are just perfect for a bit of crafty fun. We use them all, even the
 Christmas ones.

These little jars were from a local charity shop. I'm not sure
what to use them for but I like the flowers and they're sweet.

Last but not least, these craft books. A couple were from
table top sales while the rest were bought from charity shops.
 I love craft books even old ones with outdated designs.
I find them interesting and they're always a good source of
ideas and inspirations.

So these are my happy bargain finds these past few months.
If I have to choose a favourite it will have to be the wooden
building bricks. I think they're fantastic.

Thanks to those who wished me good luck for my driving test.
Unfortunately it was cancelled halfway through because of
some car problems. It was actually bizarre becase even the
examiner couldn't figure out what was wrong but later on after it
was decided we had to stop it was fine again. Up til then I was
doing fine so I feel encouraged by that. I've rebooked for next
Friday so keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks again! Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. I am glad that your test went well :-) I'll keep sending positive thoughts your way for Friday! Good Luck! I love all the things you've managed to find! I wish I could come across such beautiful little keepsakes.

  2. What amazing finds!!! I love love love those goose spoons and the flower jars! I would have scooped them up too! X good luck for Friday!! X

  3. I love any kind of books so you definitely got a good haul there :-) its funny to see how styles change but then come back again! Hope it goes Really well on Friday!!

  4. Haha, I just did a similar post. I adore your flower jars! The blocks would have to be my favorite, too. There's just a soft spot in my heart for lovely old toys. Prayers that everything goes well for your test! Such a funny thing with the car!

  5. I love seeing people's charity shop finds! Always fascinating, and those little floral jars are so sweet. I'm sorry your driving test was cancelled, good luck with round two! x

  6. Sorry about your driving test - I am sure you will sail through next time as you felt it was going well. Gorgeous finds! Love the goose spoons! The little flowery canisters are so pretty, you will find a good use for them. I have the book at the bottom of the pile tonuse with my girls at school for our Craft Club; some great ideas.