Monday, 21 July 2014

Lovely Happy Things

We had a long, busy, tiring and stressful week last week
 so I'm grateful and relieved that our weekend had been a slower
 and more relaxed affair. On Saturday I was going to take the girls to
Weston Park but because it was raining we just stayed at home. The
girls spent most of the morning playing, watching Cebeebies and
happily pottering about. I spent most of mine reading, crocheting,
 drinking cups of tea and ignoring the many chores that were
 calling out to me. It was lovely!

We enjoyed the gingernut & chocolate biscuits we made the
day before and we had a go at making rubber band jewellery.
Well, I did while they picked out the colours and played with the
rubber bands.

On Sunday we took it easy too. It was so nice to not do much
 for a change and we do feel rested and better for it.
Hooray for quiet Saturdays and easy Sundays!


One day last week my father-in-law came round bearing gifts.
He brought us sweet strawberries and gooseberries all grown in
his allotment.

We ate the freshly picked strawberries straight away but the
 goosegogs were made into a crumble. We ate it with cold vanilla
flavoured custard. Yummy! Another great summer treat.


We also got this jigsaw puzzle. It's still in its original box
and the colours are fantastic. I love old toys and I was very
chuffed about this.

And yes, my father-in-law is a lovely man and he's wonderful
with the girls. We're so lucky.


Crafting always makes me happy and I've been working on my
 granny square throw whenever I've had the chance.

I've been making up the colour combinations and joining
 the squares as I go along. So far it's been a fun project and I'm
really looking forward to more crochet time this week.


I got these paper clips from Sainsburys yesterday. Aren't
they so cool?

I love the colours and the teeny tiny buntings--- definitely
one of my favourite happy purchases this summer.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Take care
and thanks again for wishing me well on Friday.
Back soon!


  1. Oh Marion they are lovely!! What yarn are you using for your crochet? It looks scrumptious! X

    1. Thank you Helen! I'm using Sugar n Cream yarn in aran weight. I got them from Woolwarehouse and they're less than £2 per 70g ball. There are lots of colours to choose from too. x

  2. I'm not a big squealer, but that puzzle did make me squeal - in my head, haha. I've never actually seen gooseberries, only heard of them - what do they taste like? Your granny squares are lovely! I started a throw a couple weeks ago (because I don't have enough projects in the works, haha), a simple stripey one. After having to rip out and redo the circle one I'm making for grandbaby, I realized I also really needed a project that required zero thought for working on while watching tv. I also realized that in all the throws I've made over the years, not ONE of them was for me, or my household! Our fabric store carries the Sugar n Cream - the colors are so gorgeous, I've had to force myself to walk away from them repeatedly. The paper clips are so sweet, I love the little buntings. I'm so glad you had such a relaxing weekend!

  3. LOVE those paper clips - so adorable. I may have to pay a visit to sainsburys just to get some!

  4. Glad you had some R&R after such a busy week! Pretty loom bands bracelets for your little ones. We bave made them with our Craft Club at school, and our neighbour in Wiltshire, Zoë made my husband and I one each. Love gooseberries! My Daddy and Grandpa grew them, and I agree that crumble is rhe best way to enjoy them! Delish biscuits too, nice combination of choc and ginger.

  5. Oh yes! Fingers crossed for your test!

  6. I have never heard of gooseberries or goosegogs! The crumble you made looks SO delicious! I am happy that you were able to sit and relax for a bit. It makes all the difference to get a chance to recharge a bit. I love the crochet project you have going! Great Colors!!

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