Wednesday, 4 February 2015

In the meantime

I wrote about my patchwork blanket a few weeks ago and I'm happy
to say that there had been some slow but steady progress. All the fabric
 squares had been pieced together and with the quilt top all finished,
 I can now start quilting it. Unfortunately the thread that I had ordered online for this took ages to arrive. It was a bit annoying. I was looking
forward to learning how to quilt by hand but I couldn't really go ahead
 without the thread. I had no choice though but to wait. In the meantime
I decided to work on one of my WIP's.

This WIP is my unfinished granny square throw. I had enjoyed
this crochet project last summer but then I got distracted and it had
been set aside for much easier and quicker makes. It's been languishing
in a basket all this time.

It was good to pick it up again after many months and finally add
a few more squares to the ones I've already made. I particularly
enjoyed working on this on the stormy, snowy days that we've had recently. It was a nice distraction from the horrible weather outside
 and the colours are lovely and cheerful.

So it's all turned out well - I had to take a break from one project
but, in the meantime, I've also made progress on another. My crochet
throw got a bit of love and attention and it's looking a little less sad.
I'll try and make time for it whenever I can. At the moment it is back
to sewing- the thread has been delivered and my quilting adventure
can now begin. Fingers crossed, this will turn out well too!

Thank you for stopping by here. I hope February has started well
for you all. Take care and have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Your blanket is lovely!! I really like the colour choices. I hope that your thread comes and that you can get on with your quilting! xx

  2. Your throw is gorgeous, Marion. I love the look of bright squares edged all in white.

  3. Your colour choices are really uplifting and happy. I look forward to seeing the throw progress over the next few weeks. It is a good time of year for crafting with the early nights and gardening and evening walks still in the distant future.

  4. It can be annoying being stopped in your tracks on a project, waiting for supplies to arrive. Your crochet throw is wonderfully colourful, what yarn are you using? Is it Aran weight? Thanks for your visits to mine and lovely comments, Marion, you're so kind xx

  5. That's the nice thing about having a few different projects on the go at any one time - you can chop and change. I love the simplicity of the design of your blanket. xx

  6. Crochet is so good for the soul. A little therapy and headspace. Great to see yours. I love making blankets/throws. Not that we need anymore. Found that if I made them small, I could make cushion covers.

  7. I love your blanket...I should really practice my crochet. My attempt(s) (all two) aren't that good but it's probably because more practice is required. xx

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