Monday, 9 February 2015

Spring-like Days

Blowing bubbles in the afternoon sunshine, no coats,
 just cardigans..........playing and pottering outdoors.....dark,
flowery shadows on the wall........All delightful things
on the sunniest, mildest two days we've ever had so far this year.
 It's been so lovely, it feels like spring is not too far away and
 for this I feel happy and thankful. I've been enjoying the loveliness
 of daffodils for weeks now and lately I've been making plans and crafting with sunnier, warmer days in mind. I'm beginning to feel
excited about spring, I really hope it will be here soon!

What's the weather like where you are? Hope it's nice
and bright too. Have a lovely week!


  1. It has even felt milder in Buxton today! I am looking forward to spring though and I love daffodils too! They are so cheerful aren't they? wishing you a good week, Marion xx

  2. It looks so nice there. I'm glad you have good weather for outdoor play. It's warm here right now, a little warmer than I'd like actually, but we've been outside lots too.

  3. Hello Marion,

    So pleased you have Spring like weather, I wish I could say the same, it's bright but a cold wind is blowing.


  4. Wonderful times! It was bright and sunny here yesterday, but is grey again today, spring is slowly coming along the way though isn't it! xx

  5. It's grey and cold here today!, but was lovely at the weekend. I am looking forward to spring now!xx

  6. What a lovely simple post and wonderful photos too. It's a bit dull around here but there are plenty signs that spring is on its way :O)x

  7. Blowing bubbles is an all time favourite activity in my house!
    The weather is dull and a bit rainy unfortunately but there are signs of better times to come everywhere.

  8. How lovely to see photos of cups and tea and magazines taken outside in the sunshine!! It was beautifully spring like for a while on Monday afternoon, we savoured it. x

  9. We aren't too far from you, in the east. Mild here too, still huddled round the heating though xx

  10. We were outside without coats yesterday it wasn't sunny but it wasn't cold! I keep forgetting about bubbles even though the girls ask for them all the time! must rectify that! xx