Monday, 11 May 2015

Just my type

Over the weekend I spent a lot of my spare time typing away in my
old typewriter. I've just replaced the ribbons with new ones
 and the weekend's typing job was invitation cards for the girls'
 birthday party.

My typewriter is an Empire Aristocrat (fab name don't you think?),
 a portable manual that I found in an antiques centre awhile ago.
 I bought it because I like typewriters and I thought it would be
 fun to have one at home. It comes out of its case every now
and again and I like to tinker with it. The girls like it too and
I have enjoyed 'introducing' them to this useful and interesting
 old machine. Their fascination with it when it's out on the table
and it is being used is something I love and enjoy.

The Aristocrat is not pretty nor colourful like the more collectible
 models from the 1950's but it works well. There are a couple of
sticky keys but I'm used to them now and it's actually quite
easy to use.

As for my typewriting skills, they need a bit of polishing but I still
remember the 'qwerty' keyboard and I can type without looking
at the keys- all thanks to typing classes in high school. Back then
we all used typewriters. It's a different world now but it's good to see
that these humble writing machines are not completely forgotten.
 There's a growing interest and people like collecting them.
 It's good that they're not all ending up in museums or worse,
the scrapheaps. I think it would be a great shame if they did.

I still have a few more invites to do, plus the envelopes and
I might even make little thank you cards. More typing work for
me then-- and more typing fun!

I hope you've all had a nice weekend. It's sunny here today,
 although a little bit on the windy side. Hope it's nice and
lovely where you are. Happy Monday!


  1. I love it!!! I have the typewriter I grew up typing on, but it's a monster and I can barely get my hands to move that far, haha! The kids just love it. I remember in high school, being so embarrassed because I still had to use that beast instead of the new, high-tech word processors "everyone else" was using. Oh my word, lol. Typing class. I took it freshman year, then dropped it, only to retake it senior year! I'm so glad I did. Man, birthdays again? I do wish time could occasionally slow down a bit, as cliche as that is!

  2. We also have a 1950's typewriter and we all love to use it. I really like the way you're using it to make the invitations, it's a very clever idea and gives a nice, clean and classic look.

  3. I had that very typewriter!!! Not that actual one, but you know what I mean!! It is a fab typewriter and very easy to use isn't it, you don't have to thump hard on the keys which I liked. So lovely to see it again. No idea where mine went - so this could be my old one perhaps! Glad you are having fun with it! xx

  4. Your invitations look great Marion. And I love your type writer, we were considering buying one for daughter for her last birthday, there is something almost iconic about them isn't there? Seeing yours I might be tempted to start looking again, they are fun!
    Caz xx

  5. We have a 1940s typewriter at work (in a museum- TheChurchill War Rooms) that kids can use. One kid asked me where the 'back button' was. Brilliant!

  6. Oh i love it! I remember beeing given a typewriter for Christmas when i was 8 Years old and loved it to bits. Thats how i learnt to type :-)
    thank you for sharing!x

  7. The invitations look great, Marion, what a good idea. My mum had a typewriter rather like that, I can clearly remember the noise it made and the bell that went ding at the end of the line! xx

  8. The invitations look brilliant! I really like the effect. I think your typewriter is very stylish and good looking. I've been scouring ebay for a cheap, working one for the kids but no luck yet. Yours is a real gem. x

  9. Marion, your typewriter reminds me so much of my ealy days as work.
    Your invitation is brilliant and so much more personal than bought ones.


  10. Marion, what a great idea! I wrote my university essays on a portable typewriter. I'm not sure where it is now but I wouldn't have thrown it away so I'll have to ask the Best Beloved to check in the loft. Thank you for reminding me about it. x

  11. What a lovely typewriter. I've got an old one too, I really love the look of the type, it's such a nice thing to use.

  12. I have very fond memories of an old typewriter my dad had, it was huge, and incredibly heavy, probably from the '30's or '40's but he used it for decades. Wish we still had it. I think it was an 'Olivetti' if my memory serves. Love the effect on the invitations, looks fab X

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