Monday, 12 May 2014

Craft Room To Be

Last month when we did our spring clean I tidied up and did some
 reorganizing in the tiny space where I keep my sewing machine and all
the rest of my crafty bits and bobs. This little space is in our box room
which is currently Lulu's bedroom. Hopefully I'll be able to turn this
 into a sewing room/craft room when she moves to Markie's
 (bigger) bedroom this summer. I have to say I'm very much looking
forward to this--no more lugging of my sewing machine downstairs
 whenever I want to do some sewing and I can leave the mess and not
 have to tidy it off the dining table everytime. Anyway here it is after
last month's spring clean.

The photo below was taken just before I moved things around to
create a bit more space on the desk. The wooden shelf was a birthday
present and it's perfect for keeping button jars and other sewing
notions. The poster was bought from the London Transport Museum
shop a couple of years ago. I love the colours of the flowers and it
reminds me of a wonderful day we've had at Kew Gardens just before
we got married.

I love this wire wall storage from here. I've had to make do
with some  furniture we've already got and this is the only new
thing I've bought recently for this room. I think it's brilliant.

Next to the desk is a flimpsy old book shelf we've had for years. The
bottom half has DVD's and books while the upper shelves have some of
 my fabric stash plus tins filled with ribbons, rubber stamps and various
other craft things.

My husband thinks it's a bit bonkers that we have baskets
and old picnic hampers all over the house but I find them so useful.
These ones have the rest of my fabrics as well as some vintage 
sheets and linen.

I got this colourful pinny from a vintage shop in Whitby. I've
thought of re-using the material to make a small bunting
but we shall see. At the moment it's cheering up this little
 corner by the door and I rather like it there.

This chair was in my husband's bedroom when he was growing up.
His parents gave it us when we bought our house and I used it as
a nursing chair when the girls were babies. Nowadays it's used for
reading bedtime stories although I also like to sit here sometimes
when I want to look at magazines and have a bit of peace and quiet.

So far I think I'm nearly there with creating a nice little crafting place
for myself in this tiny room. It's more organized and definitely
looking much happier and more inspiring than before and I'm looking
forward to spending time here this summer. What I'd really like
 now is a good desk lamp next to the sewing machine, although a
radio would be quite nice too. I've added them both to my birthday
 wish list so fingers crossed...

Thanks for stopping by. Have a lovely week!


  1. Love, love, love! I'm working on my area, too. Who am I kidding, I'm working a bit one every space, haha! A lamp by the sewing machine is wonderful - I finally bought one last summer - what a difference! The radio comment made me giggle - with all the modern technology we have, as well as Pandora and other ways of listening to music available, we had so much squabbling going on as to whose "type" of music was going to be played. What finally stopped it was bringing my husband's Goodwill radio in the house. My boys move it from room to room, and no more squabbling. So funny. I can't believe what wonderful condition your chair is in, the cushion in it looks so sweet and cheery.What a beautiful, happy spot! Those tiny jam jars are adorable, I haven't seen them over here, though I do buy Bonne Maman preserves for myself (everyone else likes one brand of seedless marion berry jam, *sigh*). I also like your owl cup full of scissors. ;-) Have fun enjoying your bright space!

  2. Oh its just adorable!! What a gorgeous little space you have already uncovered! x

  3. How lucky you are to have a little space of your own - I love the poster!
    Caz xx

  4. Oh it's a lovely space! I see we have lots in common, I have the same M&S biscuit tins, and some of the books you have too. And I love hampers; brilliant for all sorts of storage, and so stylish piled up!

  5. What a lovely little creative space you have made for yourself! I am lucky enough to have a whole loft room for all my craft stuff but it is still an absolute tip & half full of other storage items like suitcases, spare curtain rails etc. I really need to dedicate a bit of time to sorting it all out. It is also freezing up there in winter & boiling in summer so I actually only spend time up there in spring and autumn!!

  6. Oh Marion, I super love your craft space! It is lovely, colourful, and is such a happy room! A lamp would definitely be useful, especially if you do some late night sewing (like me) : )

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