Thursday, 22 May 2014

Last Weekend's Projects

This was an old wooden spice rack that I've turned into a wall shelf
for Markie's bedroom (soon to be both girls' bedroom). I found it in a
  junk shop in Castleton and paid £1.50 for it. It was quite dusty and
 sad looking when I brought it home but after a bit of cleaning and
a few coats of paint it's now a cheerful little shelf where the girls can
 keep some of their smaller toys and knick knacks.

It's also for keeping all their accessories neat and tidy.

I've used a couple of curtain hooks for this job and they work perfectly.
I still have to find a way to blunt those sharp tips though.

I've also created this little display area for the girls' drawings and
favourite postcards using a piece of string, wall hooks and some mini
wooden pegs. This turned out to be very useful as both girls love to
draw and we can change their artworks on display as often as we want.

So these two were my little DIY projects last weekend. It was
the first time that I've painted a piece of furniture so it was a bit
of trial and error. There are a few uneven patches here and there but
 luckily they're not too obvious. I also got the bright and cheerful
shade of yellow that I was after so I'm happy. How about you-
did you spend the weekend doing jobs around the house or
were you out and about enjoying the lovely sunshine?
Whatever you were up to I hope you had a wonderful time.

Thank you for stopping by. To those who have recently found
my blog via Marianne's , a big welcome to you. I hope you've enjoyed
 your visit here. Back soon!


  1. So cute!! I recently found some old curtain hooks that don't have pointy tips - they have rounded tips that look like a snail peeking out from the shutters I use them on, haha! Could you glue some round beads on the tips? Your projects are wonderful. I've got another big post coming up, should likely break it up, oops, need to make the time to post shorter, more frequent posts! How great that Marianne was inspired by you! You just never know which thing you post will fuel someone else on - I know I always get excited when I see you've got a new post!!

    1. Using round beads is a brilliant idea. Thanks! x

  2. Proper job! As we say in Dorset! It looks great, and the colour you've chosen is super; it sets off all the toys beautifully. The girls will have their own ever-changing exhibitions in their gallery!

  3. I just love that yellow re-purposed spice rack! So pretty and perfect for displaying little things. You could put a blob of blu-tack on top of the pointed hooks for now, just until you find a better solution. I also love your washing line art display, it's a great idea. x

  4. I LOVE your painted spice rack - what a great idea. I recently painted a rocking chair that we had that I wasn't keen on. Now that it is white, I absolutely love it. It's amazing how a lick of paint can rejuvenate something. I plan to do lots more painting of furniture once my enormous belly stops getting in my way (only 2.5 weeks until due date now!)

  5. I love the paint colour you used for the spice rack...such a happy colour!