Saturday, 31 May 2014

Lovely Happy Things

I've enjoyed some crafting time this week and this always
makes me happy.

I've been doing a bit of embroidery and crochet and
I have also made this birthday card for a friend--all fun,
happy making projects.


A new magazine and a cup of tea--always a treat!


It was my birthday on Thursday, a very wet and cold day.
But despite the horrible weather it was a wonderful day, full of
beautiful treats and presents. I felt very loved and spoiled.

I'm still not too sure though about being forty. It is such a big,
grown-up age and I don't feel forty, not yet. But I guess that's
a good thing. As they say, you're only as old or as young as you feel.


I've made another new top and I love it.

I'll tell you more on my next post--soon!

Thanks for reading.
Wishing you all a lovely, sunny weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! 40 freaked me out! 30 was great, emotionally speaking, but 40 just had 50 looming ahead, hahaha! At 41, I'm calming down a bit, though feeling such a weird combination of so old combined with not old at all...more like, "how on earth am I 41, I just graduated high school, right? Wait, I'm going to be a GRANDMA!?! But I still have a two year old, and I am kinda hoping for one more of my own, lol. I'm finding the whole thing odd, I always thought I'd feel so grounded and grown-up now. Looks like you've been up to some fun stuff, and your flowers are beautiful! The birthday card is wonderful - those tapes are the best - my crafty daughter got to use some of the floral one you sent me. She was so excited. She took a french fry box, covered it in pretty paper, and I edged it in the tape. Now she has some crayons she keeps in it for her room. Hope your weekend is wonderful - hubby got an extra day off, so he gets to go with us to church tomorrow, everyone is excited!

  2. Happy Birthday! Beautiful flowers! Glad to hear you got some crafty time in.

  3. Happy belated Birthday, and I am glad it was a lovely day. I was more concerned about turing 30 than 40, and am quite looking forward to turning 50 in 2015! As you say, if you feel young, you stay young, and your two little ones will keep you youthful! Nice patchwork. I have that same mag, it's a great one for dipping in and out of the articles.

  4. Happy belated birthday to you Marion! What beautiful flowers. I'm glad you had a nice day and I do hope your family spoiled you. x

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Marion!!! So you're a Gemini - no wonder we get along so well. Most of my friends are Geminis.


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