Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lovely Happy Things

I loved wearing my summery top last weekend. Actually I was quite
 proud to wear something I've sewn myself and I'm so excited to
be making another one.

I've already cut my fabric pieces and chosen the trimming.
All I need now is one evening this week when I can happily stitch
away in my sewing machine. I can't wait!


Markie and I made chocolate chip muffins last Saturday.
We used all the chocolate eggs leftover from Easter plus a
chocolate Santa we found at the bottom of the sweeties jar.

It was an easy bake (it's a Mary Berry recipe) and tastes yummy too.
It was also lovely to spend time together baking which we both enjoy.


Warm(ish) sunshine, a new magazine, cup of tea, and the girls playing
nicely together.

A wonderful way to spend half an hour on a weekend morning.


I love this Timbergram postcard I bought from here.

I think wooden postcards is a terrific idea, a delightful alternative to
paper postcards and stationery. But this one looks so cheerful and
 lovely on our mantlepiece I don't think I'll be using it for
correspondence anytime soon.


We went into town last Monday and made a VERY extravagant
purchase. Oh yes, we had to sit down and think about it first. We're
not normally given to splurges like this.

But it's a well deserved treat for my husband. He works hard,
hardly buys himself anything and he loves cooking. So this will be
well used and he will truly enjoy having it in our kitchen. It's very
expensive but worth it too.

Thanks for reading!
 Hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend.
Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. I look forward to seeing your new top! Chocolate chip muffins are a favorite in this house - I'm making some chocolate chips scones when I get off the laptop. Is your new pan from Le Creuset? Or is there another like it? They certainly are expensive! I'm sure completely worth it, though my hubby hasn't been sold on the idea yet. Mostly, I think, because when I first came across them, my oldest son lived here, and regularly burned and ruined pots and pans ( he's a cook at a restaurant now, hahaha!). What a treat to have a husband who likes to cook! Mine has a few dishes he likes to make, and it's always nice. Your wooden postcard is very sweet, I would be hard pressed to actually mail it out! It looks very nice where it is!

    1. Yes it's Le Creuset. This particular model was sold in the 1950's but John Lewis has very recently brought them back for their 150th year anniversary. It's limited edition, so it's more pricey than usual. My husband does most of the cooking in our house (lucky me!) and we're all llooking forward to the first dish he'll cook in the new casserole this weekend.

  2. This is a wonderful post, with lots of lovely things to look at! I look forward to seeing your new top, and the choc chop muffins look delish! Markie is a great kitchen helper! The wooden postcard is a fab idea and I love the orange cassarole. Mollie Makes is a bumper treat this month!

  3. Lovely happy things indeed! We have a couple of Le Crueset dishes and I think they are worth every penny, we use them constantly and they last for ever.I do like that 50's design. Thank you for sharing your Timbergram - they are brilliant! x

  4. Aren't you lucky having a husband who does most of the cooking! I would be more than happy to treat him to that super Le Crueset casserole dish. I look forward to seeing your finished make. And isn't it lovely to be able to sit outside, even in warmish sun to enjoy a cup of tea? I like Mary Berry's recipes because they work and turn out as you expect them to - your cakes look delicious.
    Have a good week
    Caz xx

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