Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Checking in

Hello. It's been many days since I've been here. We've had a busy
past week and I've been struggling a bit with a swollen right knee.
It's a knee infection otherwise known as 'Housemaid's Knee'. I know,
it sounds like I spend my days on my knees scrubbing floors just like
the house maids a long time ago but I don't. I got to admit though that
I do a fair bit of kneeling every day - helping Lulu with her shoes, retrieving toys from under the sofa, wiping food off the floor, etc. -
but I don't think it's often enough to lead to this. And I've been told
that the symptoms will most likely persist for a few more weeks.
Weeks!!?!! Definitely not what I wanted to hear, especially as Lulu
had been a bit poorly too. She's back to her chirpy self today and
no more fever or sickness so I feel very hopeful for her. I need to be
more patient with this pesky ailment of mine. Hopefully it won't
be long before I can check in here again and when I do, I'll show
you the rug I've made for the girls' room. It's all finished now and
already getting a lot of use-- and abuse! But they like their new
rug so I'm very pleased about that.

 I don't know if you've noticed but I've taken a break from my
Bake Off Challenge. I haven't stopped baking but I haven't made
anything new lately. We've been well supplied these past weeks
with homegrown apples and plums by friends and family and we've
been making delicious crumbles with all the fruit. And due to
popular demand I've made flapjacks, lemon cake and brownies -
all family favourites. I have collected some new recipes these
past weeks and hopefully I can get back to our little challenge
and try them out soon.

Is it sunny where you are today? I hope so. It's glorious here,
almost summer-like. But it did start off very foggy and cold this
morning and there are more and more leaves falling to the ground
everyday so even with the bright sunshine and warm weather it's
 really undoubtedly Autumn now.

I hope you are all well and happy. Have a lovely Wednesday
evening everyone!


  1. That rug is looking beautiful (and gorgeous bedding, too!) and I agree, the weather has been perfect. Cool misty mornings and warm afternoons, even if I am stuck inside most of the day. I'm really sorry to hear about your knee, that sounds painful and inconvenient. Make sure you rest and let it heal. x

  2. Your rug looks really great! I am sure that it will be well loved. Sorry to hear about your knee and about your daughter, I hope that you will both be fully back to yourselves again very soon. In the meantime take care of yourself. xx

  3. Beautiful images Marion. I am so sorry to hear about your 'Housemaid's Knee' it is a very painful condition, I do hope the symptoms ease off soon, very difficult with young children to look after! X

  4. I am so sorry about your knee! I hope it heals quickly. We are having cold, foggy mornings followed by sunny, warm days here, too. I do love the weather, but we need firewood! I look forward to seeing the whole rug, the colors are so pretty. I'm trying really hard to push the thought of making one for my girls' room very far back into the deep recesses of my brain. I have enough projects, hahahaha!

  5. Marion, It's my first time to your blog. I am sorry to hear about your knee. Wishing you speedy recovery.

    I really enjoyed your photos ... they are lovely to look at. That wee spider was most interesting. And I loved your posy of autumn leaves in your white vase. Lovely!

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...