Thursday, 3 December 2015

Advent Calendar

Hello. I hope you've had a lovely start to the Advent season. There
are still three weeks to go before Christmas but I'm starting to feel
excited. I've finished making Markie's cowl and this week I've added
a few more ticks in my list of presents to buy. Our mantel is looking
a little more festive too with some red and sparkly things and every
 morning over breakfast we light our Advent candle. And of course,
there's the Advent calendar with a surprise treat for the girls everyday. 

As you can see I've made our own Advent calendar this year. This
was a very last-minute make, hurriedly assembled on the afternoon
of December first.

I've forgotten to buy the girls their usual chocolate-filled calendars
and after failing to find on Tuesday morning anything that wasn't
 either a Peppa Pig or Olaf, I decided to just make my own. I got
a packet of small brown envelopes and number stencils from
Ryman's and I found these festive wooden pegs from Poundland
 - twelve for a pound. Perfect!

I stencilled the numbers on the envelopes, hung them from a string
 using the pegs and it was done! It's very simple but it works and
the girls love it.

So our countdown to Christmas is underway with the help of
our DIY Advent calendar and there are lots of things we're looking
forward to. Top of the list is the girls' Christmas show at school
next week. I'm very, very excited about that. We're also getting
our tree, maybe on the twelfth and I'd like to try making gingerbread biscuits with my girls. This is a very special time of year and
I'm beginning to really enjoy myself now.


  1. That calendar is adorable, Marion. I really like the simplicity of the envelopes. There's no reason why an Advent calendar should be fancy or fussy. I also forgot to buy my children chocolate calendars this year, but since they're still eating candy from Halloween, I don't think the missing chocolate itself is any great loss. :)

  2. Simple ideas are the best and this is so sweet, those pegs area great find, I love the snowflake and the Father Christmas has a lovely jolly face.
    I hope you all enjoy the festive countdown and all it brings.
    Lisa x

  3. Terrific idea - I love it.

  4. Fantastic! I love it and you can reuse it again next year - well, the pegs! xx

  5. I love your Advent calendar it's brilliant! So much better than the bought ones. What is inside each of those envelopes I wonder?

  6. Oh it looks great, homemade is always best! We've made gingerbread dough today, it's in the fridge ready to cut out a gingerbread house tomorrow! I really enjoy the countdown to Christmas too :-)

  7. This is so lovely. Really simple and effective. I bet they loved it. xx

  8. I love it and you can reuse it again next year - well, the pegs!