Friday, 12 February 2016

Five on Friday

Hello. I'm joining in again with Amy's Five on Friday and today I'm
sharing five photos from our week.

It's half-term here and we're having ourselves a nice little holiday.
We've been lucky to have lots of sunshine and blue skies especially
 after last weekend's stormy weather and we've been making the most
of it. The girls have been playing a lot outside and I've done several loads
 of washes since Monday. I know, boring stuff but as the saying goes
 'make hay while the sun shines...' Our laundry basket is nearly empty
and that's really good!

We made time for baking on Wednesday afternoon. The girls wanted
cookies so we made oat and raisin ones. They're yummy and quite
moreish. I'd be in trouble if I'd given up cakes and biscuits for Lent -
lucky I haven't (I'm giving up crisps and craft magazines instead).

Lots of pottering all week. I've been using these quieter, slower days
to catch up with chores and work through my to-do lists. Again, boring
stuff but I'm pleased they're now done and hopefully I'll have more time
for crochet and reading this weekend.

This was yesterday morning at Weston Park. The girls fed the ducks
and had a run around the park before spending an hour at the children's
museum. We all love the museum; it's always a fantastic place to visit.

While we were at the park I saw these yellow and purple croci. 
I love their bright, cheery colours and I can't wait to see more in bloom
as Springtime gets closer and closer.

Those are my five for this Friday. Thanks again to Amy and advance
congratulations for Five on Friday's first year anniversary next week!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and  a lovely Valentine's Day
on Sunday. We sort of had ours already last Sunday - we had a night away in Harrogate while the girls stayed with my in-laws. It was the Turkish baths, dinner and breakfast at Betty's - the perfect one night
getaway. To those who are just about to start their half-term holidays - enjoy!


  1. It looks as though you have had a wonderful week! I am glad for you that you are still having cake, hope the no crisps and craft magazines goes well! Beautiful to see the crocuses flowering again isn't it! Thank you for the congratulations and for joining Five On Friday, Happy Valentines! xx

  2. Sounds like a great getaway and a wonderful time spent during the school break. happy weekend, Tammy

  3. Your getaway sounded wonderful! Looks like you are spending half term well. I think boring is real good in the midst of craziness! Your header is so cute! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Homemade cookies are always the best. Your cacti are so pretty. I tend to overwater them and kill them off.

  5. What a lovely way to spend the week. Enjoy the weekend as well.


  6. What beautiful photos. The park sounds and looks wonderful. Hope you all have a great weekend.
    (and good luck giving up craft mags for lent!) x

  7. I love getting my jobs ticked off the list too Marion,mit gives me a feeling of accomplishment. So glad you had a nice weekend away, Harrogate is lovely X

  8. It sounds like a good half term to me, a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, just what this time of year calls for. Your night away sounded lovely and I'm sure it was enjoyed.
    Lisa x

  9. Sounds like a nice half term, with plenty of time for pottering. We broke up on Friday and ours is this week. Harrogate is lovely, did you find the amazing button shop, Duttons for Buttons? xx

  10. Sounds like my kind of week, ticking off all those jobs that need doing!

  11. Your week off sounds very much like how we usually spend ours. We do some chores, bake a little, and have some fun outings. I think those are the best breaks. Oh but the no magazines, that would be hard!

  12. I love getting my jobs ticked off the list too Marion,mit gives me a feeling of accomplishment.