Saturday, 22 March 2014

A Little Break

This week we were in Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest,
Nottinghamshire. We always love coming here in spring time.
In fact it's our favourite place for family holidays and lucky for us,
it's only an hour's drive from Sheffield. This time the place
we stayed in was next to a pond full of ducks, geese, moor hens
and swans. Our feathered neighbours liked to walk around and have
a nosey all the time, looking through the glass doors to see what
we were doing- much to the girls' delight.

Home away from home

Early morning visitors
It was cloudy and cold most days but luckily it didn't rain and we spent
our mornings outdoors- walking in the woods and of course,
 the playground.

Early afternoons were spent in the swimming pools which the girls
absolutely enjoyed. Lots of playing in the water and going down slides.
When everyone got tired we all headed back to our little place
in the woods for snacks and more play and then it was nap time.

Snack time for the grown ups

When it was all nice and quiet I sometimes read and did a bit of crochet
and sewing. Bliss!

Sometimes I couldn't resist and fell asleep too.

Mummy's having a nap. Shhhh!
My husband, as always, did all the cooking and he made us
lovely meals every day. We were spoiled!

Our days were happily spent like this when we were there--
very happy and relaxing. We all wish it was longer than five days
 but at least we've had a much needed break and we were
 able to spend wonderful time together as a family. It's been a great
holiday, our first one for 2014, and we're so grateful.
Hopefully we'll have a few more this year.

Hope you've had a fun week too!

Bye for now!


  1. What a wonderful break in such beautiful surroundings! I have never been to a Centreparcs, but all my friends who have are hooked after their first visit! Love the pics of the girls, especially in the cubby hole, and lovely one of the three of you! Glad you got some making time too, sounds like you packed a lot in!

  2. What sweet little girls you have. I hope you have fun with Waterlogue. I have really enjoyed playing with it.

  3. What a happy post and cute photos of your daughters, glad to hear you had such a lovely time
    Caz xx

  4. PS I'm intrigued by what else is in your craft basket - looks exciting!

  5. What a lovely and relaxing holiday you had. The girls look so happy and Lulu looks like she was having a great time with the ducks : ) We are so lucky to have husbands that cook for us, isn't it great?

    So happy to finally see you pretty lady.

  6. That looks like such a happy, relaxing break. I've never been to Centre Parcs but I'd love to go, the cabins look very cosy. x

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