Friday, 28 March 2014

Friday Bargains

My mother-in-law and I went to a newly opened tea room
this morning for some tea and lovely cakes. Of course 
we couldn't resist dropping in at the charity shop next door
to see what's on offer and we were not disappointed.

While she found a couple of painted wooden bowls, both small and
still with the labels 'Made in USSR' attached on the bottom,
I found these:

Aren't they all lovely?

 The little wooden bear is just so sweet I had to take him home with me.
 I couldn't resist the pretty plate either. My favourite of the lot though
 are the three jars. I've seen and admired exactly the same set
at a nearby vintage shop a few weeks ago but they were too expensive.
These three were only £4 but when I brought them to the till
I was told I can have them for £3! I was even more thrilled.
 Now that's what I call a real great bargain
and a really lovely morning!

Thanks for reading! Back soon!


  1. Oh, my gosh - those jars!! Don't you love to find treasures in the charity shops that are so expensive at the antique stores? Sometimes I almost feel like I'm getting away with something, heehee. Hope your weekend is as lovely as your little treasure trove!

  2. Brilliant finds, lucky you. It's a happy day when you find something lovely like that.

  3. Fantastic finds and the wee bear is so cute far too sweet to be left behind!
    Marianne x

  4. Great success! Love the little bear and the storage jars are so marvellously 70s. Great colours on such a beautiful plate. I am off to see my mother today so hope to find some treasures in the charity shops

  5. What a bargain! I love the plate. It's so much fun wandering around charity shops isn't it - you never know what you might find
    Caz xx

  6. You got some great bargains there! I love those jars, the red, white and green is very festive but fresh looking too. x

  7. Hello Marion. I have just popped by via the link on Mariannes blog to check out your little blouse and started surfing other posts (as you do!) and came across this one. I just wanted to say those 3 jars match some cups, plates and saucers that my mum and dad have stashed away in a cupboard. Dad originally got them by collecting petrol vouchers over 30 years ago!