Friday, 7 March 2014

More Crochet

I have started a new crochet project this week
and for this I'm using my lovely new
Drops Cotton Light yarn.

I started off with a little granny square and
 I've been slowly adding rows to it over the last few days.
Hopefully soon it will be big enough to make into
a cushion cover.

I think it will be nice as a table mat too.
I'll just keep going and see how it goes.

I hope you're all having some lovely weather
where you are. It was dark and rainy here this morning
but it's sunny and lovely again. Hope it stays this way
over the weekend.

Thanks for reading!

Back soon!


  1. So pretty, I look forward to seeing what it becomes!

  2. Very pretty indeed! Spring colours too. We are promised a fine weekend, too. Let's go and see some lovely Spring flowers!

  3. Lovely Spring colours!! Looking forward to the end result!

  4. That's the beauty of a granny square, isn't it, you can just keep going for as long as you have yarn, and make anything from a table mat to a blanket. I fancy making another big granny blanket, there is something so soothing about those rows of trebles. I like those colours very much. x