Thursday, 13 March 2014

DIY Fabric Memo Board

I had this wooden framed cork pin board in the
little room where I keep my sewing machine and all my
crafty bits and bobs. It was useful for keeping magazine cut outs
 and postcards on display. However it was quite plain
and the little corner where it hung could do with some colour
so I decided to try and turn it into a nicer looking
 fabric covered memo board.

I started out by padding the front of the cork board with
a layer of polyester wadding leftover from previous projects.
This was then covered with the red flowery fabric which I secured
at the back with tacks and pins as I didn't have a staple gun or
glue gun. I then attached the pink ric rac and added these
mini wooden pegs.

My old cork board is now a lovely memo board.

And here it is 'at work'.

I'm so pleased with it and I'm glad I chose this
brightly coloured fabric. Hope you like it too.

Thanks for reading!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. So CUTE!!!! I made one for my oldest daughter a few years ago, which was cute, but her colors - these are more mine!! And owls, LOVE owls! This is one of those projects that just makes you happy to look at!

  2. Oh its adorable! Thank you for sharing! I really need to make on of these for our new home! x

  3. Wow, Marion, this is so bright and cheerful! I love it!

  4. That's such a lovely idea. Our kitchen noticeboard is so covered in paper that you can't see what's underneath! I really should sort it all out. I like the way you've styled yours. x

  5. Great memo board. I love the fabric that you used and the way you embellished the mini wooden pegs - nice job Marion!