Friday, 27 February 2015

FIve on Friday: Crafting in February


I'm joining in again with Amy for 'Five on Friday' and today's post 
is about all the crafting I've done this February.

 I always love a spot of crafting, be it sewing, crochet, knitting or embroidery. I find it relaxing and soothing and I'm so grateful that
 I discovered a love for it a few years ago. Best of all, with crafting,
 I can make things for my family and our home which is just wonderful
and why I love it so much.

So this month I've been sewing, both by hand and machine.
I'm making pot holders for our kitchen with materials- fabrics,
wadding, binding- all from my stash.

I've managed to finish sewing the first one yesterday and hopefully
soon I'll be able to start making the next one.

I've had a start on hand quilting my patchwork blanket- finally!

This little sewing adventure didn't start well. As you can see I'm using
a curved needle here.That's because the quilting thread couldn't fit into
any of the 'betweens' needles I got and I thought I'll try with a curved one
instead. It was awkward and difficult and I did think of just doing it all
by machine. I now have some new needles and I'm still determined to
do this by hand, so fingers crossed...

I've also tried English Paper Piecing.

My hexies were a bit wonky and it was more fiddly than I'd expected.
Still it was good to learn something new, or at least try.

Aside from sewing, I've also crocheted this month, although just
 a tiny bit.

I've added a few more squares to my crochet throw, a long standing

I have also crocheted- and sewed- to make this tea cosy.

It's doing a fantastic job keeping my teapot warm and I'm ever so
pleased with it.

So it's been sewing and some crochet for me this month. I'm 
planning to do some embroidery in the coming weeks and more
sewing. I'm looking forward to them all!


I am joining in Five on Friday, taking five minutes from our day
to enjoy five things. Please go and visit the other people who are also
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Have a lovely Friday everyone!

ps. Thanks for all your well wishes for Markie. She's not having
a great time right now but she doesn't complain much, bless her.
We do hope she'll get better soon.


  1. Well first of all great wishes to Markie. I hope that things take a better turn for her very soon. All of your five things are lovely, great to see your pretty tea cosy again! I look forward to seeing more of your quilting too - I know how tricky that is! Thank you for joining in and linking up, I know that hasn't been easy for you either, so I appreciate that. Hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  2. Your makes look fantastic what a lovely mixture. Am terrified of quilting/patchwork, but one day...

  3. I didn't know curved needles existed! I would like to hand quilt one day (but I have yet to make to quilt top....) and will remember to check back here. You have a great eye for colour! Have a lovely weekend. x

  4. That tea cosy is beautiful! Hope Markie feels better soon xx

  5. I just love the tea cosy, and the hexie blanket, really enjoyed your 5 on Friday have a nice weekendX

  6. Your projects are so gorgeous and cheerful! I just can't wait to spend more time "making"!! I've been wanting to try the paper piecing, too. I thought it might make a good here and there project. I love the fabrics you are using! Hope your weekend is a lovely one!!

  7. I am excited to keep watch as you continue your quilting projects! I am so intimidated by anything related to sewing. I love it though

  8. Love your projects, your crochet throw is beautiful, you've used some lovely colour combinations. Very impressed at the hand quilting, I try to avoid hand sewing anything. I use seamless knitting patterns and get my husband to sew on buttons for me lol

  9. I love the pot holder! Your paper piecing looks very neat to me. Hope the hand quilting is going well with the new needles. xx

  10. Some wonderful makes I love the tea cosy
    Clare x

  11. Well done for persevering with the hand quilting. I had a go this time last year and gave up - it hurt my fingers a lot and although looked lovely on the top of the quilt, it was a mess of crooked stitches on the underside! So I unpicked it and machine quilted it instead. I love how hand-quilting looks though & look forward to seeing your finished quilt!
    Ps Helen Philipps' blog is wonderful for hand quilting and paper-piecing

  12. Loved this post! Your quilt is going to be beautiful and I adore your tea cosy.
    Marianne x

  13. I love all of your makes Marion. That curved needle looks fierce, doesn't it? Poor Markie, I hope she feels better soon. xx

  14. I'm intrigued by the curved needle! Lovely projects as always, the hexagons look really cute :) Hope Markie is recovered soon xx

  15. Some lovely makes there Marion. I love the tea cosy. I did try quilting once but just couldn't get the squares to line up so put it in a cupboard never to be picked up again! P x

  16. Hello Marion,

    Wonderful crafty makes, I've never seen a curved needle before. The fabrics of your little hexies are gorgeous and I LOVE your tea cosy. I hope Markie is feeling better soon.


  17. I just love your pot holders :) Marilyn from Australia.