Saturday, 14 February 2015

Pear Cushion Cover

This is my second finished project for 2015- a new cushion
cover with hand stitched appliques. I have fancied a cushion
 like this for our sofa since seeing something similar in Homes and 
Antiques magazine ages ago and I'm pleased that I've finally found the
time to make my own version of it.

It was on a snowy day a few weeks ago that I decided to
get my fabrics, thread and needle out and get started on this.
I think I was spurred on by the horrible weather. I wanted to make
something fairly simple and quick that will bring a pop of colour
 to our home while it was gloomy and freezing outside. I took a break
from my granny throw and used my spare time stitching this
and it didn't take me very long to finish.

I enjoyed stitching the appliques; I'm glad I did it by hand 
instead of using my sewing machine. The cushion's colours make me think of spring and the pear brings to mind summer fruits and sunshine. 
It's a nice spot of colour and brightness, just what I was after,
so I'm really happy with this. And it's another finished project,
another tick in my ever long to-make list and that's always
a very happy thing.

It's half-term holiday here and we started it off yesterday
with a trip to the cinema. Shaun the Sheep Movie is a fun film, even I 
enjoyed it. Today we're just staying at home and taking it easy.
 I'm hoping to be able to do some sewing later- I'm making
a tea cosy! Still no progress with the quilting though, 
maybe next week. Maybe.

Hope your Saturday and Valentine's Day is going well. 
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Beautiful pear, beautiful cushion, lovely, bright and cheerful xx

  2. It's lovely, Marion and your stitching is so neat! Very spring-like too. Have a super half term holiday with your girls, fingers crossed for some nice weather xx

  3. Oh I love your cushion! It's so bright and cheerful and your hand sewing is so neat. I love applique too. Have a great week.
    Marianne x

  4. I absolutely love the cushion. Your stitching is so neat. Some applique is on my to make list :) xx

  5. So pretty!! What incredibly neat and regular stitching on the applique as well! Great job! Looks wonderful on your sofa as well! xx

  6. That is so trendy Marion and your hand stitching is so neat! Well done! Enjoy half term with your daughters
    Caz xx

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