Friday, 6 March 2015

Five on Friday: Good Things

It's Friday once again, time to join Amy for 'Five on Friday'.

Today I've chosen five good things from the past week and a half.
These haven't been the easiest of days, with Markie unwell with
 chicken pox and my husband working for seven days in a row. We were
all tired and a little bit grumpy at times. We felt sad and worried too.
But there were still good and happy things and these are some of them.

I'll start off with Markie getting better and going back to school
this week. Thursday and Friday last week were her worst days-
no appetite or energy at all.Then she perked up over the weekend
and it was such a relief to see her starting to get better. She's still
full of the horrible spots but she's not letting them bother her.
 She's so good. On Wednesday she joined her class for a trip to the
Butterfly House. She had an amazing time and I'm so glad she didn't
miss out on this because it's something that she's been looking
 forward to for ages. Here's a little drawing that she did after
 the school trip. It's a little bit crumpled but I love it.

I found time to sew here and there and finished making my pot
holders. In the evening I've been crocheting too. They are good,
enjoyable, calming distractions and I'm grateful for them.

I've been trying to get back into reading for sometime now but
none of the books I've tried have really grabbed me until this one.
This was a great read, really enjoyed it. I've already started on
the next one, also by Kate Atkinson, and it's good too. After such
a long time, I'm glad these two books have come my way.
I'm now inspired to keep reading.

The daffodils that we've replanted have started flowering. They're
 little but so bright and cheerful. Springtime is on it's way- yey!

I treated myself to a new house plant this week. I really like it.
It's lovely and best of all, it doesn't need much looking after- perfect
for someone like me who's not green fingered at all!

So those are five of many good things in a not so easy week
and a half. Simple, small, happy things. We're lucky and thankful
to have them.


I am joining in Five on Friday, taking five minutes from our day
to enjoy five things. Please go and visit the other people who are
also blogging about Five on Friday this week. I still don't have
the Five on Friday button so please click here.

Thanks! Enjoy your Friday!


  1. Awwww!!! Chicken pox are no fun at all, glad things are starting to get better. That pot holder looks lovely! The plant looks like it might be perfect for me too, I can manage the garden but I am rubbish with house plants and yet always admire everyone else's. Daffodils make such a difference don't they? They are so full of promise of the Spring to come. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Hope you all better soon!, love the daffodils in the post and your sewing is great!x

  3. Lucky for your daughter to be well enough to visit the butterflies! Her picture is so cute and reminds me of when my daughter drew lots and lots of hearts and butterflies too ;) Your daffodils are pretty, one flower that I meant to plant last fall, but things froze up too quickly. Enjoy your weekend of sewing & reading!

  4. Five great things, especially Markie being well enough to go on her school trip!!! That is so good isn't it. I expect that it really cheered her up too! Thank you so much for taking part and joining in, always lovely to have you!! I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  5. I'm so glad Markie got to go on her trip! Our late neighbor's daffodils are blooming like crazy. The owner of her property is a local man who isn't doing anything with it right now, and doesn't mind us raiding the flowers. I always miss her especially this time of year - she was British and her father had been a gardener for some estate over there when she was growing up. Unfortunately, she passed just as I was finding all the brilliant and beautiful British blogs! She would have thought blogging such a weird thing, but would have loved the ease of seeing spots near where she was from. I don't even know where it was! Although she'd often speak of her childhood, it never dawned on me that I didn't know any real specifics until she was gone. Lesson learned! I finally began reading again this past year! A friend has written a book and asked me to be a beta reader for it. I hadn't realized how long it had been since I had read for myself! Hope this next week is better!

  6. I'm glad Markie is feeling better and got to go on her trip. I love her picture! Good that you have managed to find some simple happy things this week xx

  7. Chicken pox is so awful for the little ones isn't it. I am so glad that Markie has improved. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  8. What a week you've had, hopefully the weekend will get better and start a good week on Monday for you. Good that you found time to sew and crochet xx

  9. I love Markie's picture, I hope she's feeling even better soon, what pretty butterflies! The daffs are so spring-like and cheerful, and that book is amazing! I love Kate Atkinson :) The potholders are great too, you're so talented!! x

  10. Oh lovely things! I'm so sorry to hear Markie has been poorly, but so pleased to hear she is on the mend now :-)
    Love the daffodils! So cheery! X

  11. Glad your wee girl is on the mend. Chicken pox is horrible for them. Glad you managed to find some happy things in your week too.
    Marianne x