Friday, 20 March 2015

Lenten Stitches

Last year I wrote about the Lenten tradition in our church
where parishioners bring in squares of fabric, each square
representing our worries and stresses in life or those of loved ones.
All the fabrics are sewn together to make a patchwork 'Garment of
Suffering' which we bring to the altar on Good Friday. I think it is
a wonderful tradition. It is reassuring and hope giving and I am so
thankful that we can take part.

 As with last year's square, I have done some embroidery on ours
 just to make it even more meaningful. I always love a bit of stitching
 and this has occupied me in my spare time these past few days.
The inspiration for this came from a fabric book cover project in
The Ultimate Book of Quilting, Cross Stitch and Needlecraft. I have
 made a few changes though, making four instead of two birds
and adding blooms to the tree.

In its simple way our square symbolizes our hopes and prayers
for the rest of the year-- good health, happiness, security. We'll take
it to church this Sunday and I'm very much looking forward to seeing
it and everyone else's making up the whole garment on Good Friday.

So now that's done, I have a ladybird costume to make for Markie.
Yes, more sewing for me to do but I am not complaning.
Have a nice Friday everyone!


  1. Hello Marion

    What a wonderful tradition. Your project is stunning and your stitching so neat.
    If you can I would love to see a photo of the completed project.


  2. That is a truly lovely tradition, I wish my local church did that! The embroidery is so beautiful, you've made me want to have a go :) xx

  3. Such tiny neat stitches Marion, it's beautiful.Thank you also for telling me about the ISSUU website - really useful! Have a good weekend
    Caz xx

  4. This is a beautiful tradition Marion, I am touched. Your square is beautiful, such neat stitching. Have a lovely weekend. x

  5. That's very pretty and I really like the sentiment behind it.

  6. What a wonderful idea. Your square is so neatly stitched Marion. I agree with Irene's comment above - it would be lovely to see the finished article with everybody else's squares too. xx

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