Friday, 13 March 2015

Pot Holders

After making my crocheted pot holder in January, I decided
to make a couple more to use in our kitchen and here they are.
I have hand and machine stitched these two instead of crocheting
 them and I think they've turned out okey. The red one is a bit wonky-
 I was too caught up with sewing the binding to notice that one side
 was more curvy than straight. Oops! Never mind, it's still fine and
 it was good to practice attaching the binding. I'll try and remember
 what I've learned here when I get to the binding stage of my
 patchwork quilt later on.

These pot holders are about 6.5"x6.5" square and all the materials
I used here were from my fabric and sewing stash. The wadding is
 the same one I used for my patchwork quilt and tea cosy. It's thick
enough and these two are great for lifting lids and moving pots
around when we're cooking on the hob. I think they're also good
 as table mats and they add some lovely colour to our kitchen.
I'm really glad I made them!

So it's Friday again. Wishing you all a great weekend full of fun
and sunshine. Ours will be a staying in sort of weekend- Lulu's got
the chicken pox so we can't really do much. We had plans to go
walking with the girls in Derbyshire but that will now have to be for
another time. Anyway, enjoy your weekend and see you soon!


  1. They are great Marion!! That is a good tip about making things like this as practice before doing a big quilt, I should have done that! I hope you have a good weekend! xx

  2. Hello Marion, your pot holders are beautiful and so useful, love, love the fabric. A great tip to do somthing small as practise.


  3. Hey Marion! Lovely pot holders! They dont look wokey at all! Sorry to hear that Lulu is now poorly! Hope she recovers soon x have a lovely weekend x

  4. The pot holders look great, good idea to have made them to practise the bias binding for your quilt! Poor Lulu, I hope she's not too itchy. Better to get chicken pox done with as a child, as it can be quite nasty for adults, I believe. xx

  5. Well done Marion- what lovely bright pot holders. You seem to always be making something - I don't know how you find the time.

    Hope you are having a good weekend
    Caz xx

  6. Oh no, I hope Chicken Pox leaves your house soon! The pot holders are lovely, such bright happy colours :) Hope you've had a restful weekend xx

  7. Your pot holders are gorgeous Marion, so bright and cheery.
    Marianne x

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