Tuesday, 30 September 2014


September has been a good month for us. Our days have been 
busy but we haven't felt as stressed or tired as we did in the summer.
 We've also had more time together as a family, making this month
easier and much more enjoyable. We baked, cooked, crafted, played and
did many things that we enjoyed and made us happy. The weather
 hasn't been bad either for this time of year with lots of mild, sunny
 days. And best of all  Markie settled in well in school without any
problems. She's been so brave and brilliant and we are very, very
 proud of her.

So thank you and good bye to September. It's been a great month.
We're now looking forward to October and we hope it will be just
as good and kind to us.


  1. This September has been wonderful, hasn't it? So warm and dry. I really like your photo collages. x

  2. What a great month you had. I'm so glad Markie is doing well in school.

  3. Glad that you have had a good September, I hope that October will be just as good - or better!!! xx

  4. Such a beautiful collage Marion. Glad your daughter has settled well at school...it's such a big step isn't it?